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Popular articles written by our Chief Physician, Dr. Bo Rosenblat.

  • The “Skin”ny on Acne: How Diet & Exercise Can Clear Your Skin

    The struggle with acne is not an uncommon one. Most people will have anything from a short bout to long stretches of acne at some point from adolescence through adulthood. This can be an...

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  • Running on Empty: Rid Your Diet of “Empty Calories”

    Many of the foods and beverages on the market today, specifically pre-packaged or processed foods, contain what weight-loss experts commonly refer to as "empty calories"...

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  • Sweeten Up and Shrink Your Waistline...with Fruit!

    As the weather continues to get warmer and people become increasingly concerned with their weight and appearance, I often get a lot of questions about eating fruit...

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  • Fishing for a Cure? Omega 3 Fatty Acids May Be What Your Diet is Missing

    Omega-3s have been a hot, trending topic the past few years and for a good reason. While the full benefit of these “good” fats are still being reviewed and studied...

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  • The 32 oz. Soda Ban: Are Smaller Choices our Best Option?

    Last month Mayer Bloomberg's big soda ban was approved by the New York City Board of Public Health. The new law prohibits street vendors, movie theaters ...

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  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Custom Approaches to Weight Loss

    The interplay of all medical conditions that contribute to weight gain. Examples include: thyroid conditions, metabolic disorders, or genetic dispositions...

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  • Are Hormones Making you Fat? Understanding Your Hormones Are Key to Keeping the Weight Off

    Did you ever wonder what actually takes place inside your body when you lose, gain, or simply try to maintain your weight?...

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  • Fast and Furious or Slow and Steady: Is Rapid Weight Loss Just a Quick Fix?

    I am frequently asked, "Is rapid weight loss safe?" This is a great question but ironically I most often hear it from people so overweight...

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  • Supersede Junk Food with “Super Seeds”

    Nutrition experts and media outlets have been touting what the industry has dubbed "super foods." From blueberries to Brussels sprouts and...

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